Saturday, 21 July 2012

Secret Avengers #29 Preview

Well, it looks like AvX is over, or at least will be over, or... um... I'm a little confused how everything fits into the grand scheme of things. This issue of Secret Avengers is due to be released 25th July, and it's members are, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain Britain, Beast, Valkyrie, Human Torch, and Venom. Also released around the same time is AvX tie-in, X-Men Legacy where you see a shot of Hawkeye imprisoned by Magik with snake arms, instead of real arms. So you can understand my confusion with continuity, although Secret Avengers stopped being an AvX title.

Here's some pages from Secret Avengers #29...

This looks pretty cool, with the Masters of Evil comprising of some great members. Secret Avengers is turning into the best Avengers title at the moment.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Poison Ivy Premium Sideshow Statue

WOW! Who wouldn't want to own this Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Statue of Poison Ivy, she is gorgeous! I know I'm a Marvel fan for the main, but I do love Batman, especially his cast of characters.

This Poison Ivy statue is released in January 2013, and will cost a mere £225 ($350 USD). If only money were no object! Sideshow do produce fantastic statues, imagine what they could do with a Meggan!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Fantastic Four Annual #33 Preview Featuring ClanDestine

It's Annual season, and Alan Davis kicks off his ClanDestine stories, which run through various mainstream annuals, starting with the Fantastic Four Annual #33.

Alas the only pages available to view are pretty poor, and don't feature any members of ClanDestine at all, but here they are anyway.

The next part of this story continues in Daredevil #1, hopefully there will be more, and better pics to share.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Uncanny X-Force - Otherworld Graphic Novel

In previous posts I've featured bits from the Uncanny X-Force issues featuring Captain Britain. The graphic novel collecting all parts of the Otherworld saga is now out, and I decided to pick it up.
Collecting Uncanny X-Force #19.1 and #20-24, written by Rick Remender, and illustrated by Greg Tacchini, Billy Tan, Phil Noto and Dean White. So what did I get for my £18,99?

The story is split into two basic stories which bump edges throughout the tale. Fantomex, and Psylocke have been kidnapped by Captain Britain and the Captain Britain Corps, and taken to Otherworld, Fantomex to stand trial for the murder of a young child, who would possibly grow up to be another Apocalypse. Pysylocke to hopefully convince to come home and return to her rightful place in Otherworld as part of the Corps.
Fantomex's trial last no time at all, and he is sentenced to be wiped from existence, which Psylocke, now wearing her Captain Britain costume is none too pleased with the way her fellow X-Force team mate is treated and decides to rescue him before too much damage is done.

While all this is going on, Otherworld is under attack by a goat-demon type character, who has raised the dead as his army, and plans to take Otherworld so he can use the multiverse's portals to conquer everything.

Enter the rest of X-Force who have arrived to rescue Fantomex, and Psylocke, not knowing that Psylocke has already made inroads to fleeing with Fantomex. long story short, Wolverine and Deadpool, face off against the goat demon, whilst Psylocke and Fantomex escape, after Psylocke makes a deal with another inhabitant of Otherworld to help them. Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler fights alongside Meggan to save Otherworld, along with Captain Britain, Jamie Braddock and the Captain Britain Corps.
It turns out that the major bad guy isn't the goat-demon, it's, once again Jamie Braddock! Granted he didn't know he was doing this, but it was Brian's big bad brother, who was cured of his madness, or so everyone thought. Betsy, or Psylocke, whichever you prefer, worked it all out, and mentally informed her brother Brian, Captain Britain, and informed him the only way to protect Otherworld is to kill Jamie, but he can't do it. Psylocke takes over his mind, and...
Quite a shocking end!

The story is wrapped up in four issues,but the rest of the graphic novel contains a story where X-Force hunt down, and kill an AoA Iceman, and a Age of Apocalypse story. The Iceman story does contain the funeral of Jamie Braddock, and shows the rift between Brian and Betsy, as a huge gulf.

The Otherland story wasn't a bad one, it could have been extended, and turned into a real epic. My biggest complaint was the way Remender depicts Captain Britain, it's as though he's decided to forget all about the history that's been built up over the years, and the personality to boot. Captain Britain came across as lacking any personality, and his view of the world was very blinkered. I get the feeling Remender doesn't get Captain Britain, like Alan Moore did, or even Paul Cornell did. The Captain Britain Corps were depicted as fascist military dictators who would have been at home with the phrase 'I am the law'.

The biggest problem for me though was the art! The cover art was fantastic, with each issues cover art contained at the start of each chapter.
The art contained within though was pretty awful, composition, proportions all over the place, and just generally messy. Do you remember those days when you had the like of John Byrne, or Jim Lee drawing the X-Men, or Alan Davis' Excalibur, Todd McFarlane drawing Spider-Man. Marvel used to take pride in it's art, with top artists for the top comics. Here's an example of what I mean...
Captain Britain punches someone, or something, but where's the end of his arm? Sloppy!

The Otherland story could have been a self-contained maxi-series, with guest appearances by various X-Men. There lies another problem, and it is down to personal taste, I really don't like the X-Force characters, Deadpool is one of the worst characters in the Marvel Universe, the AoA Nightcrawler is too dark, please bring back the Kurt we all love, Fantomex I'm not too keen on, Wolverine is in too many comics, so I've got bored of him, X-Men, and his own comic, that's all he needs, and finally Psylocke, I do like Psylocke, but I do long for the return of Betsy Braddock.