Thursday, 28 February 2013

New Captain Britain & Spider-Man Art by John Byrne

I found this new little gem by John Byrne, commissioned this year it seems. Cap in his current/80's costume.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Captain Britain & Kid Briton together in Avengers Arena

Avengers Arena #5 is released on Wednesday 27th  February, and in the following pages you'll see Kid Briton thinking back to his time at the Braddock Academy, and more precisely a conversation with Captain Britain.

I've got volume one of the graphic novel of Avengers Arena on pre-order, which once I've read will get it's usual review. It's received a lot of criticism, with quite a few calling it a pointless storyline, but I must admit it's growing on me.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Captain Britain & Lionheart in Avengers #6?

On the 'Variant Edition' cover of Avengers issue #6 you can see Captain Britain flying alongside Lionheart. The chances of both, or any of them appearing inside this issue are pretty slim, and I would presume that the cover features a selection of past and present Avengers, to celebrate 50 years of The Avengers.

The story itself revolves around Captain Universe, and is released Wednesday February 20th.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Captain Britain and The Avengers UK

Avengers UK? Yep! Avengers UK, with Captain Britain!

It seems as part of the upcoming 'Age of Ultron' event, starting in March, London, and Captain Britain isn't going to escape it's grasp. Avengers Assemble #15AU (The AU probably means Age of Ultron) released in May features Captain Britain, and friends fighting against the mass wave of Ultrons. Apart from Ms. Marvel there's no news who else will star alongside Cap, hopefully we'll see Union Jack, Spitfire, Pete Wisdom, and all the usual suspects.

At this stage Marvel are keeping the specifics of this event pretty close to their chests. Is it an alternate universe? or a time travel event? or is the world destroyed by Ultron, and the heroes have to put right the wrong done, which seems to be what Marvel are hinting at.

Here's the official blurb on this issue...

Cover by NIC KLEIN
ULTRON RULES OK! The AGE OF ULTRON hits Britain, and Captain Britain hits back with a little help from his friends - including a vacationing Captain Marvel! Fighting a guerilla war in the ruins of London, AGGRO! is a way of life for Avengers UK - but when they might just be the last super heroes left alive, can there still be hope? Or is England dreaming?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Monday, 11 February 2013

Union Jack Helps Spider-Man Save the World

The Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth Graphic Novel.

I picked this up solely because Union Jack is a part of this story. I'd not read the story when it came out originally in comic form, I generally wait until the graphic novel is released. So with high hopes of a good showing for Union Jack, I eagerly forked out hard cash for this book.

Contained within you will find Amazing Spider-Man #682-687, Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth #1, and Avenging Spider-Man #8.

Union Jack in recent years has had a more favourable representation by Marvel, than Captain Britain, so my hopes were born on the back of Union Jack being quite in favour.

This graphic novel is really good, a great story, a great cast of characters, top quality art, all-in-all a good job done, but I was disappointed. Eh? how can I be disappointed when the whole book was very good? Not enough Union Jack! He gets a small page count compared to others in this book.

The story itself goes something like this - Doctor Octopus is dying, and he wants to have one final swan-song before he goes. He convinces the world that he has the answer to global warming, and wants to save the Earth, but there's a price. So with the rest of the Sinister Six, he sets the plan in motion.

Spider-Man is not convinced by the Doc's sudden urge to help, and knowing he's going up against the Sinister Six, he don's a new costume, specially designed to counteract each of the Six's powers, and with the help of The Avengers sets out to bring Doc Ock and pals in and expose them to the world as frauds.

The Doc, being a very clever man, guesses The Avengers will help Spidey out, so comes up with his own way for The Sinister Six to take out The Avengers. Big fight between the opposing factions, and The Sinister Six are victorious.

Spider-Man, and Black Widow are rescued by Silver Sable, who had been following The Avengers in a cloaked aircraft. The Avengers are carted off, and it's now up to Spider-Man, Black Widow & Silver Sable to stop Doc Ock's plans.

Doctor Octopus' plan isn't to save the world, it's to destroy it, using hundreds of satellites, which are about to be launched from various locations around the world. The good Doctor thinks I'm going to die, so should the rest of the world. Fearing interference from Spidey and pals he hires various villains to protect each site.

Black Widow gets wind of Doc Ock's recruitment drive, through the Titanium Man, which prompts Spider-Man to recruit heroes to help him take these launch sites out. These heroes are, Union Jack in England, Kangaroo (eh?) in Australia, Sabra in Israel, Titanium Man in Russia, and Big Hero Six (Who?) in Japan. Each recruit has been chosen for each of the sites in their own respective countries.

The Titanium Man faces off against The Scorpion and loses, Sabra looks to have no-one to face but is shot in the head, or so it seems by Crossbones (later explained as a glancing shot), from distance, Kangaroo comes across Lady Deathstroke, she kills him, Big Hero Six face-off against someone called Everwraith (?) and Union Jack faces off against a huge robot Octo-spider-thing, and the new Slaymaster.

How excited was I? Slaymaster, one of Captain Britain's greatest foes, granted not the original one, Cap had mushed his head with a boulder years ago, but Slaymaster all the same, and looking far better than the poor representation he had in the Deadpool, Captain Britain team-up.

Here lies my first disappointment, the fight between Slaymaster, and Union Jack lasted one page, just one page containing five panels. The fight deserved so much more, five pages surely!

This was followed by Union Jacks fight? with the robot, which involved one 'Robo tentacle smash to the face' and a couple of panels of him stabbing it with his knife.

This fight was given even less space than the fight with Slaymaster, less than a page, but at least Union Jack didn't end up like Kangaroo, or Sabra.

I know it's Spider-Man's book, so I didn't expect him to have as much coverage as Spidey, or The Avengers, or even Silver Sable, but at least more space than the other international hero's would have been nice. Union Jacks ride to the Olympic Village, fight with Slaymaster, and the robot, and Spidey asking him to join them on their fight with Doc Ock lasted four pages. Kangaroo had just two pages, Sabra two pages, Titanium Man two pages, and Big Hero Six had 14 pages.

Who are Big Hero Six? and why do they get a bigger billing than Union Jack? They look like an attempt by Marvel to crack the Japanese market with a decidedly Manga looking group, of big robots, and monster forming hero's.

The rest of the story runs pretty much as you would expect it to. Spider-Man, Widow, Sable and Mysterio fight The Avengers, who are being controlled by Doc's 'Octo-Bots', they win. The Avengers try to stop the missiles reaching space, whilst Spidey and Sable race to Doc's underwater hideout to stop him from destroying the world.

The only menber of the Sinister Six left alongside the Doc is The Rhino. Sable fights the Rhino, Spidey fights Doc Ock. Spidey Wins, but it looks like Silver Sable drowns alongside The Rhino. This is yet to be confirmed, no bodies were found.

As I've already said, it was a really good read, but I want more British involvement in the Marvel Universe, but it was nice to see the likes of Union Jack, and Slaymaster, even if it was brief.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

More Betsy Braddock Cosplay

Fellow Blogger, Tazirai, pointed me in the direction of a few more Cosplayer's out in Cosplay land trying their hand at some more Betsy Cosplay. There seems to be plenty of Cosplayers out there that dress up as Psylocke, but few who actually try her earlier incarnations, but here's a few more to add to the list...

I'd like to see one of the Pro-Cosplayers have a go at the armoured betsy, the cloth looks fine, but would have so much more impact if it looked like armour.

Still yet to see a Cerise, or a Spitfire, c'mon Cosplay people, have a go, I dare ya!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Captain Britain Corps Enter the Fray

Fantastic Four #8 - 'Storm Warnings'

The abduction of Franklin Richards part 3

So far this story has seen Gatecrasher's Technet try to abduct Franklin Richards, The Warwolves have also attempted to abduct him, although knowing them, they would have been quite happy to just possess his skin. Both have so far failed!

Chris Claremont is the master storyteller of this tale, and the art  is beautifully rendered by Salvador Larroca. It's been a few years since reading anything by Chris Claremont, and I forgot how good his writing his, but this little run of comics re-introduced me to his writing, and I'm very pleased with the way he handles the less known, but loved characters such as Gatecrasher's Technet. I was aware of Salvador Larocca's art before this, but never really paid any attention to it, but his art on this comic, especially the way he draws The Technet has gained a new admirer in me.

With the FF starting to get the upper hand on Gatecrasher's and her motley crew of mercenaries, the prize of Franklin Richards was too good to just simply abandon and run away with your tail between your legs, so the big guns were sent in, a whole army of Captain Britain's.

The fight began, with The Fantastic Four taking on the might of the Captain Britain Corps.

The Corps start to get the better of the FF, negating each of their powers, with the use of technology, not just brute force. A lot of people forget that Captain Britain isn't just a muscle in a suit, he's intelligent, and has one foot in magic, and the other in science. The Captain Britain Corps are alternate realities of CB, so they also can have the same attributes.

Franklin begins to panic, and get angry, and uses his power to uber-enhance all of the FF's powers, which turns the tide once more in their favour, much to the displeasure of Gatecrasher, who decides enough is enough, decides to make a hasty exit.

The Human Torch's powers have been enhanced to dangerous levels, and he also decides enough is enough, and convinces Gatecrasher to take him to those who hired her in the first place, which happens to be none other than Opal Luna Saturnyne & Roma. It is they that have deemed Franklin Richards is too dangerous to leave unchecked.

Johnny Storm argues with them, it's the FF's responsibility to make sure Franklin is brought up, and doesn't end up destroying everything. The discussion sways back and forth, there's a few cameo appearances from the likes of Galactus, Eternity and Infinity, and eventually Johnny Storm convinces them, that Franklin's care should be in the FF's hands not Roma's.
Everything's returned to normal, and all interested parties are satisfied with the outcome, although I did wonder where the Warwolves went to, and did Roma hire them as well, or were they working independently?

I really enjoyed this three issue run by Claremont and Larroca, it showed how easily you can include what I term as Brit based characters in to the mainstream Marvel universe, without them feeling a little out of place.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Enter The Warwolves, and Gatecrasher's Technet tangle with the Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four #7 - 'Sieze the Child'

The abduction of Franklin Richards part 2

This issues starts immediately where the last one ended, with Ferro 2, the four armed alien mercenary, tracking Alyssa Moy and Franklin Richards. Ferro 2 is a member of Gatecrasher's Technet, a band of alien mercenaries, all with various talents.

In my last post I mentioned the clever way Chris Claremont had introduced certain things into the story, without making them a part of the immediate story, like Kay Cera, Cuckoo from ClanDestine. On page 10 of the last issue Sue Richards mentions to Johnny Storm that a white Land Rover had been following her, he dismissed it and it was forgotten about.

The front of this issue lets you know who is contained within, the Warwolves. The Warwolves were created by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis, and first appeared in the Excalibur special Edition in 1987. They were hunters, working for Mojo, sent after Rachel Summers (Phoenix), to return her to Mojo's Mojoworld. The Warwolves were responsible for the formation of Excalibur, each hero banding together to fight them, which in turn caused the formation of Excalibur. The Warwolves were also responsible for the death of the first Ferro, so CC using all these characters in this issue was a nice reminder of an almost forgotten history.

The white Land Rover appears on the very  first page, containing the Warwolves, in one of their favourite 'skins', that of an English Copper, driving the white 'Police' Land Rover. The Warwolves are also on the hunt for Franklin, but you're unsure who they are working for, it's never really explaned. The Warwolves only appear in the first 5 pages, and then that's it for the rest of the issue.
Alyssa, and Franklin manage to escape the clutches of the Warwolves, but are still being tracked by Ferro 2.

Reed and Sue Richards notice that something's up, no electricity where their HQ is, so Sue runs off in search of her family, guessing something is up, a mother's intuition. She tracks Franklin down a split second before Gatecrasher n' Co teleport in to grab her son. Mr Fantastic arrives, free's the Thing from inside Bodybag, a somewhat smaller Thing, after China Doll had shrunk him in the last issue, and then the big fight commences.

You don't have to wait too long for The Human Torch to join, completing the foursome, and at this point The Fantastic Four start to get the upper hand on Gatecrasher's Technet. This doesn't sir too well with Gatecrasher, but the final card is dealt, and the cavalry arrive to apprehend little Ol' Franklin Richards.
Enter The Captain Britain Corps.

I thoroughly enjoyed this issue, Gatecrasher's Technet, Warwolves and the Captain Britain Corps, what's not to like? Chris Claremont shows an obvious love for these characters, and Salvador Larroca's art fits so well, probably the best art I've seen outside of Alan Davis for these particular characters.

Tomorrow I'll finish off with a review of the final issue, which concludes the story, and all will be revealed to who hired Gatecrasher.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Gatecrasher's Technet, and the Atempted Abduction of Franklin Richards

Last week I posted a piece about a planned Technet mini-series that never actually saw light of day. Mark Roberts who runs an excellent Blog called 'It Came From Darkmoor', mentioned a series the Technet last appeared in, Issues #6/7/8 of volume 3 of the Fantastic Four, published in the late 90's. With my interest piqued, I decided to track these issues down, and to my surprise, I find out that Chris Claremont wrote them, so I was ever hopeful of a good representation of the characters. For those of you that have read the early Excalibur issues drawn by Alan Davis you will know how he's handled British characters in the past.

Fantastic Four # 6 - 'April is the Cruelest Month'

The abduction of Franklin Richards part 1

A very slow start to this issue, in fact it seemed to drag on quite a bit, delving into Sue storms personality, thoughts and feelings, the omens weren't good. Twenty four pages full of great art by Salvador Larroca, but not a sniff of the Technet until page 16, and then a very fleeting glance it is at that. I did notice on page 10 Sue Richards is being followed by a white police range rover, a hint to who would appear in this story, but not this issue. There's also a nod towards Alan Davis' creation ClanDestine, Sue Richards is taken shopping for a new dress, the shop of choice is none other than a fashion house ran by Kay Cera, who happens to be Cuckoo, a member of the Destine family. There's quite a few clever, hidden bits in this story, that most wouldn't notice, only those that are familiar with  the likes of ClanDestine, and Captain Britain.

The basic storyline runs like this, Reed Richards has taken Susan Richards out for a meal to celebrate the anniversary of the day they first met, Johnny Storm is out clubbing, leaving The Thing, and a babysitter at home looking after Franklin Richards.

Franklin Richards has huge amounts of energy contained within, even at the tender age of five. Gatecrasher and her Technet have been hired to abduct him for the sake of the universe. It has been deemed that he is too powerful to be allowed free reign to possibly, some time in the future, cause all manner of destruction.

So with three quarters of the Fantastic Four out on the town it's left to The Thing to take on Gatecrasher's Technet all by his lonesome, whilst Franklin goes on the run, with Alyssa Moy, who's a friend of Reed Richards, pursued by Ferro 2, the four armed, sword wielding member of the Technet.

The Thing puts up his usual fight shouting his iconic catch phrase 'It's Clobberin' Time', but alas he's no match for the combined forces of the Technet. Practically every member of Gatecrasher's team has a part in his downfall, The Thing is shrunk, scrambled, tagged and bodybagged!

Once you get past the initial slow build up, the issue ends with a real exciting bang, with Claremont portraying Gatecrasher's Technet brilliantly, how they should be, with an element of humour. Gatecrasher's Technet come across as bumbling, almost slapstick mercenaries, but they always, almost get the job done. Without Gatecrasher they would be quite inept, Gatecrasher is the backbone, and leader that organizes them in to a force to be reckoned with.

Even though the Technet only appear in 6 pages, they are action packed, and hats off to Chris Claremont for writing them how they should be, and also a doff of the hat in appreciation to Salvador Larocca for the way he's drawn them. I shall now add him to the list of artists that can draw quirky characters, such as the Technet how they should. I'd like to see him tackle The Crazy Gang.

I've bought Issue 7 of the Fantastic Four, and will review this one in my next post!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Death's Head to appear in Avenging Spider-Man

Avenging Spider-Man #17 hits the shops Wednesday 27th Feb', not normally a comic I feature on this Blog, rarely are there any UK heroes featured in the pages of any Spider-Man comic, but this exclusive unlettered page featured on 'CBR' shows Death's Head appearing through a portal. It's a little confusing with DH's head in one panel being ripped off, and another later panel attached, and there's a Chameleon. I'm confused!

So the big question is, how big a part will Death's Head play in this issue? This is probably it, but we can live and hope.

It's possibly a time related story, and anything to do with time is confusing at the best of times, check out Doctor Who for time confusion. Here's what CBR have to say about the issue...

'Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Avenging Spider-Man #17 from the red-hot creative team of Chris Yost & Paco Medina! The Superior Spider-Man is forced to work with the FF as the literal future comes crashing in on them, threating to destroy the Foundation itself and expose Spider-Man’s ultimate secret! Can Spider-Man play nice with the kids of the Future Foundation while keeping the future at bay? Find out this February in Avenging Spider-Man #17!'

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Kid Briton Revealed

In November I asked the question, 'Who is Kid Briton?'

It seems he's a new character created by Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker for the current 'Avengers Arena' series running at the moment.

Comic Vine have this little entry which throws further light on who he actually is...

'Kid Briton is a teenaged alternate universe version of the British superhero Captain Britain and a member of the Braddock Academy. He was, along with several other teenage heroes, trapped in Arcade's Murderworld where it is revealed that he is dating Apex, a fellow prisoner of Murderworld and student at Braddock Academy. Apex makes it very clear that she doubts Kid Briton's ability to kill anyone, even in a life or death situation.'

So I presume he's a younger version of Brian Braddock, from another reality? but does that mean he's a disposable hero? Is the intention of Dennis Hopeless to create him, just to have him killed as part of the story? No doubt all will be revealed as the story progresses, and I hope he's not going to just become canon fodder. The costumes pretty cool as well, a variation of the one worn by Captain Britain in Paul Cornell's MI:13 run.

Here's a few more images of Kid Briton I've managed to find...

These next few unlettered pages are taken from issue #5 of Avengers Arena, not yet released.

Night Raven Art by Alan Davis

Alan Davis drew art for a Night Raven text story, which he got paid very little money for, he explains below how much and why he did it, but first here's a few pages taken from his website...

Alan Davis - 'After a very brief appearance as a 
comic strip Nightraven became a 
text story  filler. Paul Neary 
supplied a few really nice 
illustrations in a pulpish style for 
the first story (and set the standard 
that I attempted to imitate-- very 
poorly) but the money was 
laughable less than $10 an 
illustration so the assignment fell to 
me. The low rate was justified by a 
claim that the illustrations would 
appear as very small column illos, 
only slightly larger than the 
thumbnails on these pages BUT 
many saw print as splash pages or 
across spreads.

I was still working in a regular job 
when I drew these images and most 
were drawn during lunch breaks in 
the canteen.'

For more NightRaven images by Alan Davis check out his website -

Friday, 1 February 2013

Secret Avengers Volume 2 by Rick Remender Review

Volume two of Rick Remender's Secret Avengers run contains issues #26-32. Seven issues contained within, with two very different stories. The first three issues 26-28 tie in to the AVX which as everyone knows was the big fist-fight between The Avengers and The X-Men. The second half of this graphic novel, 29-32 deals with Max Fury, the Nick Fury LMD, and his legion of villains, all running under the banner of 'The Masters of Evil'.

I've been quite critical of Remender's handling of Captain Britain so far, first in the 'Uncanny X-Force, and then in volume one of 'The Secret Avengers'. I've moaned about his lack of understanding, and also the art that has gone hand in hand with his stories.

So here we have volume two of Secret Avengers, did Mr Remender finally get it right?

In one word, no, it seems to me that Marvel have turned to Remender and said we need you to write Secret Avengers, a new covert team, led by Hawkeye, but we want you to include Captain Britain. We know he's not Avengers material, but he is pals with Captain America, and we need to appease all those Brits who read our comics, and have their national hero in a mainstream comic, but it's up to you how you include him.

The first three issues of this Graphic Novel tell the tale of a team of Avengers led by Thor, sent into space, on a potential suicide mission to contain the phoenix force. Along with Thor you have, Ms. Marvel, Beast, Protector, War Machine, Valkyrie, Vision, and finally Captain Britain.

The team face off against the phoenix force, with War Machine fitted with this containment vessel strapped to his back, invented by Beast and Captain Britain. War Machine's armour can't cope with the strain, and things don't go too well for him. Captain Britain takes the device off of War Machine and goes to face-off against The Phoenix Force, this also goes wrong, much to the displeasure of Beast, and this is where Remender shows his total dislike of the character by having the Beast treat him like a naughty school boy.

This angered me somewhat, Remender portrays CB as an arrogant, selfish prat. Captain Britain's strength lies in his confidence, the more confident he is, the more powerful he becomes, and as the Beast states 'one of the most Powerful humans in the universe', so, yes, lets just rip him to shreds! Thor on the other hand recognises the nobility in Captain Britain and gives him a bit of a pep talk, to boost his confidence.

In between this first encounter with the Phoenix Force, and their final encounter with it, they fight a newly resurrected Captain Mar-Vell, are defeated, by him, end up on his Kree home world, as prisoners, narrowly avoid execution, and save the planet, with a little help from Mar-vell.

The final failed face-off against the Phoenix Force, involves Ms. Marvel turning into Binary temporarily to create a white worm hole, in the hope of sucking the PF into it, this doesn't work, and up steps Captain Britain again, with Thor's pep-talk ringing in his ears.

Do my eyes deceive me? Has RR finally decided to make Captain Britain a hero? One who is noble? A leader of men? For a moment I got excited and started punching the air, then Captain Mar-vell steps in and puts CB in his place... cheers Rick for bursting my bubble.

Mar-vell refers to Captain Britain as 'Brian', which is his name, very good, but I can not ever recall Captain Britain, and Captain Mar-vell ever meeting. I'm quite willing to eat humble pie if I'm wrong, but as far as I'm concerned this is another inconsistency connected to CB. This whole volume is riddled with inconsistencies, especially with the art, and more to the point with Cap's uniform. If you're going to draw a hero, please research the character first, and make sure you get it right. There are too many examples of Cap's uniform badly drawn to post on here. Alan Davis drew the covers for these AVX Secret Avengers issues, if only he had drawn the interior art, and if he had, then maybe he would have given RR a few pointers on how the hero should be portrayed.

Hala's saved, that's the Kree planet, by Captain Mar-vell, and in the process, sacrifices his life, giving back the part of the Phoenix Force that gave him life in the first place. Here ends the AVX tie-in, and pretty much any other part Captain Britain plays in the rest of the Graphic Novel.

The other four issues revolve around Max Fury obtaining three crowns which will open the 'Abyss', and give him dominance of the world, all backed up by his legion of super villains known as 'The Masters of Evil'. So many villains, I found myself trying to name them all, failed miserably, too many to name, but fun trying.

Hawkeye, Valkyrie, Ant-Man and Venom (Flash Thompson) enter Bagalia, this is the place where all the villains are, there very own country, ruled by Max Fury, to rescue John Steele, the first super soldier, pre Captain America it seems.

In a nutshell, the three crowns become one all powerful crown, which Max Fury can't use because he's not human, he's a LMD (Life Model Decoy), but Taskmaster has no trouble, but the Abyss takes control of everyone, every villain, and also Hawkeye and Valkyrie, but Venom and Ant-Man are unaffected. The aim of the Abyss is to spread to the whole world, infecting it, and so gaining control.

These would-be world conquerors, do they ever think ahead? What would any of them do if they did actually win and dominate the world. Would they just get bored and take up knitting? or maybe cross that one off the list of 101 things to do before I die? Just a thought!

Black Widow is left holding the baby, literally, and desperately tries to contact any Avenger she can to stop the Abyss, but they all seem to be busy. Captain Britain, and Giant Man are off fighting the Descendants, and are unable to help out, and this is the only time you really get to see Captain Britain in the whole four issues...

Look at Cap's costume, his 'Stealth' mode, with a great big red 'X' on his back, doh! There is no 'X' on his back... Grrr!

Black Widow tries to save the day, fails, becomes possessed by the Abyss, and it's up to Venom and Ant-Man to save the day, which they do, world disaster averted, The End! oh and Venom sleeps with Valkyrie!

In volume one the main story was connected to the Descendants, the final page leads in to the next issue, and final Secret Avengers Graphic Novel, which will wrap up the story first developed in volume 1. Enter 'Black Ant', who is a double agent LMD working for the Descendants, in the Secret Avengers posing as Ant-Man, who it looks like was killed in the first volume.

The Secret Avengers hasn't been axed as part of the Marvel Now, but Remender's run has, and with it any Captain Britain, in any Marvel Comic.

So here's my catch 22 situation... I don't like the way Remender handles Cap, but at least he is keeping the flag flying. So is it better to have no Captain Britain, or have Captain Britain Done badly?