Saturday, 20 April 2013

Black Knight Avengers #10 Cover Appearance

As part of Marvels Avengers 50th Anniversary they've been producing alternative covers for the current Avengers comic featuring every hero that's ever been an Avenger. Captain Britain and Lion heart have already featured on a cover together, now it's the turn of the Black Knight, AKA Dane Whitman.

I much prefer this costume than the one worn in the 'Captain Britain and MI13' comic run with the leather Jacket. 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Death of Kid Briton

Found these images from Avengers Arena #8 on 'CBR' which shows a decapitated Kid Briton! So now we know how he died, and I must admit this angered me somewhat, and I'm on the verge of cancelling my order for the Avengers Arena Graphic Novel. The other characters in Braddock Academy just do not appeal.

The build up to his death goes something like this...

Taken from the origin details on Comic Vine connected to another Braddock Academy character called 'Anachronism'.

Aiden used to be a chubby young man, interested in video games and eating fast food. He then got the body of an immortal Celtic warlord. His chosen codename, Anachronism, means "someone or something that belongs to an earlier time". Before Murderworld and his new body, he accidently walked in on Kid Briton cheating on his girlfiriend, Apex, with fellow Braddock Academy student Nara. Kid Briton threatened to beat him up if he told anyone. It would appear that this incident caused Aiden to inherit his new body. When he inherited the new body, Nara began to flirt with him and the two came close to kissing before Kid Briton fought with him again. When he and the rest of his friends were captured by Arcade, Aiden and his best friend Bloodstone were caught in the middle of a plot started by Apex to get revenge on Nara. The two of them fell off a bridge into the water and Nara was subsequently blasted into the water by Death Locket, who was swayed into doing so by Apex. Eventually, Arcade set it up so the Braddock Academy would reunite and Nara began to attack Apex. Apex manipulated Deathlocket into attacking Nara and Anachronism but then Bloodstone blasted Deathlocket out of the way, revealing the plot. Apex then swayed Brian into saving her, who then began to attack and dealt a grave wound to Nara. Before he could finish her off though, Anachronism intervened and decapitated his rival.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Iron Man Faces Off Against Death's Head

Released on Wednesday 17th April is Iron Man #8, which features everyone's robotic mercenary Death's Head.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Joe Rubinstein Inks

It's worth checking out comic artist, and inker Joe Rubinstein's Facebook page. He's been displaying pieces of art by other comic artist's that he's inked over the years, under the title 'My inks over the greats'. Here's a small selection of Brit related characters he's done...

Alan Davis

Paul Smith

There's some great pieces on his page, with work by Bernie Wrightson, Jim Lee, Herbe Trimpe, Gene Colan, and many more, worth checking out...

Friday, 5 April 2013

Kid Briton No More?

Avengers Arena issue #7 is released on Wednesday April 10th.

The only reason I've featured this series on here is because of characters featured from Braddock Academy, an academy training young heroes, run by Captain Britain, with help from Meggan, Union Jack and other various Brit heroes. The main character of interest, for me was Kid Briton, a young Brian Braddock from an alternative Earth.

It seems, judging by the first page of this issue, which has a big red cross through Kid Britons picture, that he's already bit the dust. So it seems that, as I first thought, that a lot of these young heroes have been included just for cheap kicks, and to be thrown away, as cannon fodder.

Brian Braddock is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, and what lets him down sometimes is his lack of confidence, because his strength is dependant on how confident he feels. The young alternative Brian Braddock is a cocky, over-confident individual, who saved his whole reality because of his strength, fuelled by his confidence. This now seems immaterial if he's been thrown away so easily.

I've not been buying Avengers Arena in comic form, but I do have volume one of the Graphic novel on order for when it's released in May. If Kid Briton is actually dead, so is my interest in this event!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

House of M: Uncanny X-Men Graphic Novel - A Tale of Two Artists!

Newsarama recently ran an article stating that the House of M graphic novel was one of the most important graphic novels in modern comic book history. Not the exact words they used, but the piece went on to say that it was a must read for everyone, and the starting point for the recent AvX Marvel event. If I had to choose a starting point, then I would say it was the Avengers Disassembled story, or if you want to go back even further, the whole reason for the Scarlet Witch's madness was the loss of her children, or perceived children!

The article got me thinking about the 'House of M', or more to the point the Uncanny X-Men graphic novel, which contained issues #462-465, written by Chris Claremont. The first two issues were drawn by Alan Davis, the last two by Chris Bachalo.

This graphic novel really is a tale of two artists, and how each of them portray the same characters, but have a totally different feel. The graphic novel itself could also be re-titled to 'House of M: Captain Britain', because all four issues deal with the fallout of the Scarlet Witch's actions, which created the world of the 'House of M', from the viewpoint of Captain Britain and his connection to Otherworld, and all.

For those very few that don't know the story, before the Scarlet Witch uttered the words 'No more mutants', she created a world where mutants were the rulers, Magneto was the ultimate ruler of the world, and even Brian Braddock was given the title of 'Monarch' of England, it's king if you like, with Meggan as his queen.

I won't spend too much time dwelling on the actual story itself, it basically goes something like this... The Scarlet Witch changes reality, all things that were, in every reality are coming to an end. Roma gives Brian Braddock 48 hours to repair the breach in the 'Causality', or Saturnyne will wipe out his reality, because it is the cause of so many problems, on a regular basis. With a minute to spare the breach is repaired, but only by Meggan sacrificing herself to do so.

The story itself is a lot more involved than that, but that's the rough outline. Apart from Captain Britain, Meggan, Roma and Saturnyne you have Psylocke (Brian's Sister), and Rachel Summers also heavily involved in this story.

Both Alan Davis and Chris Bachalo are fantastic artists, and both have very distinctive styles of art, and this is very apparent in the telling of this story. Chris Claremont spins a mighty fine yarn, and his connection to Captain Britain in the past is obvious in the way he portrays the good Captain, and his supporting cast so well.

What made this little run for me was Alan Davis' art in the first two issues, not just the clean precision he applies to every drawing, it's the detail he adds into the background. I found myself reading each panel, then spending time looking at each panel drawn by Davis, because of the inclusion of so much detail. What was so good about the detail, was the nod to characters created by himself, and Claremont in other Captain Britain collaborations, such as Exalibur.

The panel above is a good example of one of many drawn by Davis featuring previous characters used. This is near the start of the story when reality is starting to unravel, and Captain Britain is falling through all the different planes of existence. Great to see Cerise on the left, and Kylun on the right have a nod of remembrance, and there are so many like this, like the troll from the 'Cross Time Caper', Mad Jim Jaspers, The Captain Britain Corps, Jamie Braddock to name but a few.

Don't get me wrong Chris Bachalo's art is fantastic, and the detail is wonderful, but he did not have the knowledge of the history of each of the characters like Davis and Claremont. Nobody can draw Captain Britain and Meggan like Alan Davis! I've said it before and I'll say it many times more no doubt, and putting Bachalo's Captain next to Davis', there really is no comparison.

It's been years since I last read this, and it was nice to read it again, and noticed more this time round than I did the first time I read it. Following on from this graphic novel, and the whole 'House of M' thing, 'New Excalibur was created, and at the time really didn't put 2 and 2 together. In this graphic novel you see the coming together of the team that would become 'New Excalibur'. Juggernaut, Nocturne, and Pete Wisdom all fight alongside Cap, Meggan, Psylocke and Marvel Girl against Magneto's enforcer and a whole host of Sentinels, whilst trying to heal the rift.

New Excalibur consisted of Captain Britain, Pete Wisdom, Juggernaut, Sage, Dazzler and Nocturne, which means the only characters missing from the House of M: Uncanny X-Men GN were Dazzler and Sage. The New Excalibur run was after the Scarlet Witch uttered 'No More Mutants'.

If you've got this book, or the four comics, and you are a fan of Captain Britain, I recommend you go and read them again, slowly, to appreciate the full beauty of this little collection, and how connected it was to Captain Britain, more-so than the X-Men.