Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Black Knight to Star in Original Sins #2

The next big Marvel event is 'Original Sin', which seems to revolve around the death of The Watcher. There's going to be a spin off series called 'Original Sins', which will feature heroes from the Marvel Universe that are not a part of the mainstream, such as The Avengers, or the X-Men etc.

Marvel recently revealed some details, with some interesting news around the Black Knight, and a possibility of some MI:13 involvement.

At the press conference Tom Breevoort of Marvel said...

Talk then turns to the Black Knight, who appears in the Original Sins #2 cover.

"The Black Knight has a story in this second issue, but we don't touch on any of the other MI-13 members -- but I don't want to swear on that yet," Brevoort explains. "I'm 85% sure, but there's a 15% chance lightning will strike and we'll use them somewhere."

For more information, revealed on 'Newsarama' follow this link...