Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Captain Britain Brexit Special by Seb Carey

I came across this initially when it was featured in the recent Avengers UK Captain Britain 40th Anniversary issue, which you should all check out by the way. This is fantastic! A distinctly British, contemporary take by Seb Carey on the original Captain America Comics issue #1 released in 1941.

For more excellent work you should check out his Deviant Art gallery...

Monday, 17 October 2016

Union Jack by Jason Baroody

Spotted this one on the Comic Art Fans site.

The artist had this to say...
'ink and color pencil on red construction paper.
looks more red in real life, my scanner sucks.'

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Captain Britain 40th Costume Art by Mark Farbrother

Today marks the 40th Anniversary of Captain Britain. This is a piece of art I did for 'Avengers UK', a fan based free Facebook comic. This piece is actually three pieces of A3 paper joined together to make one continuous piece of art showcasing every major Captain Britain uniform/costume. I used Alan Davis' original omnibus art as a base and adapted each piece to showcase each costume, with the exception of the MI:13 one drawn by Stuart Immonen.

Drawn on A3 (x3) Daler Rowney 300gsm Aquafine smooth watercolour paper, using Uni-Pin Fine line pens 0.05 - 0.8, Winsor & Newton Black Drawing Ink, and a white Signo Gel pen.

Progress photos...

Check out the full 97 page issue by following this link...

Captain Britain 40th Anniversary Issue Out Now!

I've been plugging this one for a while now. The guys over at Avengers UK have been slaving away for months on this issue, 97 pages in total, featuring comic strips, art, posters and all manner of goodies by various contributors. I won't post any of the art contained within (yet), I want you all to take a look at something created not for money, but for love of a character, that Marvel seem to use way too infrequently, and it's FREE! Check it out, it's great.

I'll post my contribution to this 40th anniversary edition later on today.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Avengers UK's 40th Anniversary Captain Britain Edition Out Tomorrow

He's 40 tomorrow! I'm looking forward to this release by the guys at Avengers UK, and it's FREE, it'll be worth checking out.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Union Jack by Barry Kitson

Nice Union Jack piece by Barry Kitson, spotted on the Comic Art Fans site from 2012.

The owner of this beauty had this to say...
'I've waited awhile to get a Union Jack sketch and finally decided that Barry Kitson would do a cool rendition of the character. I had no idea that I would leave with this incredible artwork! This scan does not capture the tones of the original, especially the smoke coming from both of his pistols! Pittsburgh Comic Con 2012'

Jealous much!

Monday, 3 October 2016

Avengers UK celebrating 40 years of Captain Britain... Soon!

In two weeks time the guys at Avengers UK are releasing a special anniversary issue to celebrate 40 years of Captain Britain. This special issue will feature comic strips, posters, art and many other features, including some art by me. All will be revealed in two weeks.

In the meantime check out their page...

Captain Britain Vs The Fury by Chris Sprouse

Love this Cap piece from Chris Sprouse, spotted on the Comic Art Fans site, Nice clean lines.